Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Check my mom's dress out!

So the countdown continues today with only 2 days left until I sail off towards the Bahamas! I can barely sleep, I'm just ready to go even though, I get sidetracked every time I start to pack. UGH!!! All I've really packed is my earrings and bracelets. Anywho, I am currently working on my fall wardrobe and taking notes of some must haves, for this season. Before I get into that I want to discuss my love for fall. I LOVE FALL! It is the prettiest season of all the seasons. The weather is nice and cool. The leaves change, and boots. So, I've started a list of some things I want to get for this wonderful season, I really want some leather looking leggings and I was thinking it might be easier if I just make them. I also plan on making a sweater dress, I have got to have one this coming fall season.

On another note, my mom's dress is looking wonderful, she has really done a great job! Below are some pics and until next time!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cocktails and Curls.....and my love affair with Gwynnie Bee

Hello again. Happy Sunday. I just got back from shopping so I'm a little tired, but never to tired to blog. So last night my mom and I attended a natural hair event called Cocktails and Curls. It was fun fun fun. It was nice to see all the beautiful natural women all together in one spot. Plus it was free which is always nice. We had a free glass of Moscato and got these swag bags which held all these samples and seriously I can't wait to bust them open. Overall Saturday was a good night.
Now my love affair with Gwynnie Bee is kind of new, I ran across the site by chance and I've just loved it ever since. Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix, but for your clothes and Getty this, they even have plus sizes. It's great, gets some pics of some of the clothes they sent.

bad hair day, i know...

I love this site, it is amazing. 
Plus, they are running a free 30 day trial and you keep the clothes as long or short as you want. 
Plus the items ship quickly and postage is paid for. 
You just can't lose. 
Until next time.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Almost to the Bahamas

So in 5 days I'll be heading to Jacksonville, FL to board the Carnival Fascination. I cannot wait. I have no idea why I'm so excited, I've been on a cruise before. And yes I know they are tons of fun but my excitement seems a little much. My mom and I have done some sewing for this trip, we wanted to have some original pieces so your in for a treat when the pics come out. Also Atlanta bread company in the Fayette had bugs in their salad today, just a heads up. Hers some pics of our fabric.