Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Cruise Blog: My trip on the Megabus

Ahhh, the sun, the sand, the pretty beaches. There is nothing like a good vacation. This January I decided well, I'm going to leave the cold and travel down to the Bahamas for some nice weather. I overall enjoyed the trip but there were some cons to the whole thing.

Well, this cruise I was on the Enchantment of the Seas for five days. Its a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and my first time on this particular cruise line. I was really excited.

For this trip we took the Megabus to Orlando. Now, I have read, read, read and read how to get from Orlando Lynx Bus station to Port Canaveral. I read somewhere that you can take a $25 shuttle to the Port. Well, that information is not correct. Not at all. After the 8 hour ride on a squished bus behind a stinky man we arrived at Lynx Bus station, only to ride the city bus 45 minutes to the airport. Once I arrived at the airport I was thinking ok here is where I take the $25 shuttle. Wrong again........When we arrived at the airport we were told we would have to take the Royal Caribbean shuttle to Port Canaveral, another 45 minutes. It cost $37. Needless to say I was tired of buses and sitting down by the time I got to the Port.

I was extremely annoyed with the megabus on my way down. On the way home, I had the seat to myself and it was bearable. The price was ok and I probably ended up saving some money but at the end of the of the day, I probably won't take the megabus anymore. The hassle was just too much. Prefer to just drive or fly.     

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Gaddys

Merry Christmas. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the food and time off from work. This blog isn't about that tho. It's about the Christmas lights. Which are great too. Down in little ole Fayetteville there is this house, simply called the Gaddys with the best free light show. I hope you enjoy. Your welcome! :-)


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Annual Christmas Baking

Happy New Year!!!!
Yes it's a new year 2014! I still have some Christmas left in me maybe because not once did it feel like Christmas. One thing that did feel like Christmas was my annual Cookie Bake off with the kids. This year was a little different though. The first change was that there were more kids. Usually its just my three guy cousins. Of course as Jamar gets older the less he wants to participate in family affairs. So insert Samia and Maliah. The 2nd change was the addition of cake pops and gingerbread houses. Xavier personally called me and asked that we do a gingerbread houses. How could I say no? Inside I was freaking out though, I've had terrible experiences with gingerbread houses, ugh the agony. So, I enlisted the help of my bff Ingrid to handle the gingerbread houses.
Ingrid doing the gingerbread houses.
The kids had a great time. They had a ball. I love to see them happy, check out the pics.