Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Decorations

So here we are, another year has basically came and gone and we are literally looking Christmas right in the face. Again, I love this time of year, the hustle, the bustle its like magic. It seems that people are just a little more merrier to others, IT SEEMS! I also love all the time I have off for work. I will be off for 3 weeks, one week will be spent in the Bahamas but, I'm still off. Besides you can't complain to much about spending a week in the Bahamas aboard the Enchantment of the Seas! We are taking the megabus down, so this will be interesting! Back to Christmas though. "Christmas just ain't Christmas, without DECORATIONS." My mom and I spent one afternoon decorating the house with Christmas decorations. I pulled out my tablet and put  the Christmas music on and got to work. Here is a pic. 

Brunch at Copeland's is the SHIT!

So, I love to eat. Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to eat. I actually enjoy the whole dining experience. The sitting down, being waited on, eating, having a drink. The whole experience is great! So I drove up to Cobb Parkway and meet my movie group for a Christmas brunch! Copeland's has THE best brunch in town. It is so yummy! And filling! 
Here's a shot of the menu. Its ALL you can eat!
I enjoyed it so much, the food was good and the Jazz was amazing. Its nice to eat in such nice ambiance! 

I started with lunch foods! So good!
French toast, waffle plate! 
I had fresh fruit and whipped cream for dessert.
My food was great. If you are ever looking for a great lunch experience. Head over to Copeland's. The do it BIG!
I wore another wonderful dress from Gwynnie Bee! I looked and felt great!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Importance of Giving

So since last year I've really gotten into adopting a family and I love it. I love to give back, since I am blessed, I want to pass the blessings on. So my group Making Moves adopted a single mother and her daughter Isabella. Some of the items on their list are clothes, shoes, diapers (size 4), socks, toys, children's books. bathroom towels, toiletries, dinnerware, and cleaning products. We also would like to donate a gift card to Kroger so Lededra and her daughter can enjoy a Holiday dinner. I was really glad because some people signed up right away, but a little sad that only 3 people helped. I guess I just thought everyone would jump on board to help this family. Either way, we got a lot and this family was blessed. Big thanks to Geannene, Regina, and Kyla, you ladies are wonderful wonderful people and I couldn't be more honored to know you three. 

Thanks Regina for these items. Kyla thank you for the gift card!

We got so much stuff and good stuff too. We had 3 big bags full, I really hope the family enjoys these items.

Clothes for baby and mom!!
Dress for Isabella, it is Beautiful, so proud of myself.

These next items will make you cry, no lie, they are beautiful! Handmade stockings by Geannene. I am so proud to call this woman Mom!
Handmade stocking for Isabella
Stocking for mom, thanks so much Geannene

I was so proud when I dropped my items off. Nothing like Giving love for Christmas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Greetings Turkey day has came and went. And man oh man,  I'm still stuffed. I gotta recap yall on my Thanksgiving celerbration with my family and me now and I already knew I wanted to make duck. I wanted a different meat, turkey just isn't all that to me. So the week before I went to the Dekalb County Farmer's Market and bought 6 duck thighs.
I love to bake,  my grandmother taught me how to bake when I was a young girl and every year this was our time to shine. We would bake our asses off. So this year I decided to make a Sweet Potato pound cake and a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. So let's dive right on in.
So, Wednesday when I got home from work I decided to marinate my duck. I wanted to find a recipe that would make the duck taste good and roast the grease off. The recipe I found sounded good. It wasn't.....
The marniating process

So, it smelled great and it looked great, but the recipe had the temp too low. Here is the link to the recipe, beware. For real, dont bother with that recipe. 
Now the sweet potato pound cake came out great. It was beautiful and tasted great.
Isn't she beautiful?

I killed it. Here is the pics of the Chocolate Bourbon pecan pie.
This pie got rave reviews

Overall, I enjoyed the food BUT I was dissatisfied with my duck. I was destroyed. Otherwise, i had a ball with the fam as always