Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekend in Savannah

So, early November "Making Moves" went to Savannah. If your not familiar with "Making Moves" its a social group on We also do some light traveling. If you would to join the web address is
We decided to do a River boat cruise and I was so excited. I love Savannah, its like I don't even know what the appeal is but I love that city. Anyway we arrived Saturday afternoon and it was hot! But we had to rush because the Riverboat dinner started at 7, but we wanted to board the boat early. Here are some pics.
Looks real pretty in the night!

Now the boat was fun, people were dancing and partying and drinking. It was a good time. Let's talk about the food though. I thought the food was going to be better. I was expecting a lot of seafood and my expectations just weren't met. The food was good, but not great. There was prime rib, chicken, veggie pasta, squash casserole (yummy), new potatoes, and lots of other stuff. And UGH! This terrible cheesecake, it was warm and UGH! I had a Pink Long Island to drink and it was SLAMMIN. 
These candy apples were so good. Reeses' and Apple Pie!
Making fresh pralines.
Overall, it was a nice relaxing getaway. I loved being in Savannah, food was good. With a good friend! Until next time.
Regina and I and the sites of River Street

P.S. On the way home we had Cheddar's. You know how we do!
Better than the others!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weight Loss Journey

So, I'm on a weight loss journey. I want to lose some weight and get healthy. That is very important to me. So, I have been making these green smoothies in my blendtec. YUMMY!! They are coming out very good I enjoy them a lot.  

Shake I made in my blendtec, yummy
This one is spinach, pear, and cucumber
Even though this weight loss journey has been ongoing for my entire life it seems, I will never give up. If I fall I'll get back up, I know in the New Year, I'm really hitting the ground running.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why I LOVE Dave and Buster's

So our 2nd meetup was at Dave and Buster's. There is one in Marietta so that is the one I scheduled our meetup for.
First off so many people signed up and only one member shows up, so I was really upset, but besides that it was a lot of fun. I forgot how much fun it was but I really enjoyed myself. I drank, I ate. Everything was absolutely delicious. I had a Corona Rita.

It was tasty. Even though hardly no one showed. I still had a ball.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So growing up I have always loved music. One of my favorite groups was TLC and Dru Hill. I loved loved loved TLC. So when I heard the ladies were getting a biopic, I was too thrilled. A little sad though because Left Eye is gone and I know she would have loved seeing "herstory" play out on the big screen. Either way, I loved the movie, it was amazing to see the girls story and their struggle. Even more, Chili and Dallas Austin's relationship. I didn't realize how much he put her through. Even more than that was seeing Lisa's personal issues, her dad dying was so sad. Even more than that was Pebbles cheating those girls so much and doing them so wrong. I had heard that Pebbles stole from them. I guess I always assumed it was on a smaller scale. The real kicker was T-boz and her issues with sickle cell, she was a true fighter and still is. She has beat all the odds against her. You go girl!
When the movie was first casted so many people was throwing mad shade at the cast. Keke Palmer played Chili, Drew Sideora played T-boz, and Lil Mama played Lisa "Left Eye"Lopez. At first I only had an issue with Lil Mama because I didn't think she would fulfill Lisa shoes but she did a really good job. All the ladies looked and acted like the group. Very spot on.
Spot on!

I thought the movie was really good, I enjoyed it. Of course, #black twitter and instagram makes movies that much more enjoyable. I will leave you with some of my favorite memes from the TLC biopic. See you next time!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project Update: Fall slow down!

Time for a Project Update!!!!!!
My leggings, are almost finished.
Working on my muslin for this dress.
I am making the dress in orange, and the shirt in leopard.
I am making the vest in black denim and black and pink lace.

So, i have a lot going on, better get sewing.