Monday, September 30, 2013

More fall projects for me

Fall FALL FALL IS HERE!!!! I love fall and I can't stress enough how excited I am that fall is coming. I have already picked 10 patterns I want to work on and I haven't even started so my work is cut out for me. I can do it though, I want to do it.
So, this one blogger Mimi G is the I love her blog so much and this week she put out a tutorial for this great shirt and I really want to make it.
In the meantime I've also learned how to loom knit, which I love. It is so cool. I can't wait to get better.
My first project, don't laugh just getting started!
I would like to get good enough to make a scarf and hat. I can do it just gotta keep practicing.

Next, I want to make some jeggings. The pattern looks really cute.  I found another great pattern at JoAnn too and found some great material to go with it. 
This is beautiful, aint it.

I cannot wait to get started on this dress. Its going to be great. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My brother is getting old

Sorry it's been a minute. Needed a minute to collect my thoughts. Work has been a bitch.
So my little brother turned 23 on the 20th if September. We celebrated on that Saturday, and where did we end up. At Cheddars Cafe in McDonough. So again I cannot stress enough to go and try Cheddars. The food is great, the prices are amazing, and the drinks are hella strong. Here is my food though.

This was really good. Filling too.

So I wore one of my Gwynnie Bee dresses. Then I quickly shipped it back. But here is what it looked like.
Not the best picture but I was full. Anyway that is all for now. 

Happy Birthday Brother!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You should eat at Cheddars, you should also try a month free with Gwynnie Bee

So this is late but at the beginning of the month I went to Cheddars in Georgia. It was really good,  and I had a drink called "Pain Killer" the restaurant only limits you to 2 so that sums up how strong it was. My only issue and it truly is my issue is that my food had to much breading, but that is what I get for ordering all that fried food. It was so much breading I didn't even finish it. Nonetheless, go there, drink and be merry. Now for another dining out experience.....Taco Mac near Perimeter mall, ugh! That is the only thing I can really say.  
Too much fried food, my fault
The "pain killer"

If you haven't already all you women NEED to get a FREE month of Gwynnie Bee service. Don't wait, get one now. My previous blog post contain some pics of their clothes. I had more but my phone is on its last leg. So I will do another post with more pics. Until next time......... See you guys soon.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a peak at my fall projects

My favorite season is right around the corner.  I love love love fall. There are so many pretty colors,  the temperature is cool, and the outfit ideas are endless.  Boots, sweaters, leggings,  vests, coats........ so much to choose from.  So yesterday my mom and I traveled to Norcross to a magical place called Fine Fabrics.  Now when we first pulled up, I was like what is this place,  NEVER JUDGE A "BOOK" BY IT'S COVER. Ever. Hands down this was the best fabric store I've ever been in.  Wall to wall fabrics,  more knits and lace than the law should allow.  Plus the prices were awesome,  very very affordable.  Take a look at the pics.
Yes, real fur

Who would not want green leopard

wall to wall

My mom was too happy.

I was happy too. So many store. I decided on two knits, one for a dress and the other for a pair of leggings. I have been wanting a pair of funky leggings for a minute so I will start those first. Here is the pattern and fabric i decided on. 

Pretty and so me

I cannot wait to finish those. For the other material I want to make a basic knit dress. Just something nice to wear to work. Here it is.
I am making view d, just shorter

Well, that should keep me pretty busy. See you soon. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cruise Blog Part 5: Fun for all and All for Fashion

The last of the cruise blog, for now. I had a great time,  the ship was fun,  the food was yummy, the liquor was great and and I know everyone had a great time. I enjoyed spending so much time with my family plus after our year I think it was good to just let our hair down and have a good time.  So for this last cruise post I'm going to post all the other pics from the trip. Hopefully,  you enjoy, see you in a few days. 
My mom and I in the dresses we made. We both look great!
Who needs to buy a picture? 
My dad
The Motown show, AMAZING!
Food from the Taste Bar, yummy!
A bride, there was two on board and they looked great!
Hasbro Game night show! I had a ball, kid at heart!
Top deck late at night!
My mom and dad, my aunt and her friend. My aunt looks annoyed, lol
Lobster and prime rib night, we killed it!
Aunts and Uncle enjoying the show!
This was so good, from the taste bar. I had like 3 plates!
Food from Tea time, I had like 3 pieces
Mommy, enjoying her tea
I had breakfast in the dining room with my brother EVERY morning, it was so fun and I enjoyed his company. 
My mom, brother, and Aunt.
My beautiful mother
Uncle, Joe, and my dad, chillin
Native money
Until next time!