Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So growing up I have always loved music. One of my favorite groups was TLC and Dru Hill. I loved loved loved TLC. So when I heard the ladies were getting a biopic, I was too thrilled. A little sad though because Left Eye is gone and I know she would have loved seeing "herstory" play out on the big screen. Either way, I loved the movie, it was amazing to see the girls story and their struggle. Even more, Chili and Dallas Austin's relationship. I didn't realize how much he put her through. Even more than that was seeing Lisa's personal issues, her dad dying was so sad. Even more than that was Pebbles cheating those girls so much and doing them so wrong. I had heard that Pebbles stole from them. I guess I always assumed it was on a smaller scale. The real kicker was T-boz and her issues with sickle cell, she was a true fighter and still is. She has beat all the odds against her. You go girl!
When the movie was first casted so many people was throwing mad shade at the cast. Keke Palmer played Chili, Drew Sideora played T-boz, and Lil Mama played Lisa "Left Eye"Lopez. At first I only had an issue with Lil Mama because I didn't think she would fulfill Lisa shoes but she did a really good job. All the ladies looked and acted like the group. Very spot on.
Spot on!

I thought the movie was really good, I enjoyed it. Of course, #black twitter and instagram makes movies that much more enjoyable. I will leave you with some of my favorite memes from the TLC biopic. See you next time!