Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekend in Savannah

So, early November "Making Moves" went to Savannah. If your not familiar with "Making Moves" its a social group on We also do some light traveling. If you would to join the web address is
We decided to do a River boat cruise and I was so excited. I love Savannah, its like I don't even know what the appeal is but I love that city. Anyway we arrived Saturday afternoon and it was hot! But we had to rush because the Riverboat dinner started at 7, but we wanted to board the boat early. Here are some pics.
Looks real pretty in the night!

Now the boat was fun, people were dancing and partying and drinking. It was a good time. Let's talk about the food though. I thought the food was going to be better. I was expecting a lot of seafood and my expectations just weren't met. The food was good, but not great. There was prime rib, chicken, veggie pasta, squash casserole (yummy), new potatoes, and lots of other stuff. And UGH! This terrible cheesecake, it was warm and UGH! I had a Pink Long Island to drink and it was SLAMMIN. 
These candy apples were so good. Reeses' and Apple Pie!
Making fresh pralines.
Overall, it was a nice relaxing getaway. I loved being in Savannah, food was good. With a good friend! Until next time.
Regina and I and the sites of River Street

P.S. On the way home we had Cheddar's. You know how we do!
Better than the others!