Saturday, January 4, 2014

Annual Christmas Baking

Happy New Year!!!!
Yes it's a new year 2014! I still have some Christmas left in me maybe because not once did it feel like Christmas. One thing that did feel like Christmas was my annual Cookie Bake off with the kids. This year was a little different though. The first change was that there were more kids. Usually its just my three guy cousins. Of course as Jamar gets older the less he wants to participate in family affairs. So insert Samia and Maliah. The 2nd change was the addition of cake pops and gingerbread houses. Xavier personally called me and asked that we do a gingerbread houses. How could I say no? Inside I was freaking out though, I've had terrible experiences with gingerbread houses, ugh the agony. So, I enlisted the help of my bff Ingrid to handle the gingerbread houses.
Ingrid doing the gingerbread houses.
The kids had a great time. They had a ball. I love to see them happy, check out the pics.