Thursday, April 24, 2014

Juke Joint or Nah?

So, awhile back I went to the Juke Joint....and let's just say it was an experience.
I was cute, and tipsy!
First off, I was so exicted about trying the Juke Joint. I heard it was a lot of fun and the food was amazing. So when Making Moves decided to attend, I was GAME!

First off, I dropped the ball and forgot to make reservations until it was too late. When I called that Wednesday, I was told they were booked up for Friday evening. Oh well. I figured how bad could the wait be.  

Well, when I arrived I was told the wait would be two hours or more. WTF?!?!?!? This place better be fantastic for this type of wait. I wanted to leave ASAP. But I didn't. Besides, I was waiting on a group. So, another organizer arrived and she suggested we sit at the bar. Yeah, that worked for me.

Well, I had a strong ass drink, can't remember the name but it was WONDERFUL. I enjoyed it very much, so yummy, so delish. Loved it. Then we saw a group leaving and sat at bar tables and ordered apps and dinner. I had the crawfish for apps. And ordered a herb roasted rosemary chicken, macaroni and cheese and collards for my meal. As we waited for our food, no one else who rsvp'd showed up. I was disappointed. People should know by know meetup is only what you put in. 
Once my food arrived I was so unsatisfied. My chicken was terrible. Bland, no flavor, no herb, no rosemary. The greens were tasty and the macaroni and cheese was AMAZING. I loved it, and ordered some to go.   

Pat's shrimp.

Overall, this place is a NAH! I wasted money for ok food. The live entertainment was awful and they charge a $5 fee for listening to it. I could have just ordered the macaroni and cheese and been ok. Plus, there is a charge to park.