Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sometimes sewing can be a bit aggravating. Lately, I've been wanting to see some results and whip some garments out. Well, whoever is in charge was just messing with me and messing with me. I started on Simplicity 1622, and I purchased this beautiful orange fabric and the orange and gray chiffon for a tunic to go with it. Well, lets just say JoAnn's bet not sell me anymore dreams, this fabric is absolute terribleness.
I was doing the maxi and the tunic.

Now, I started the maxi and tunic, made the muslin and got busy. First off, the tunic was a bad choice for me. I'm too short, my arms are too small, it was not working well. My mom is a veteran seamstress so she fixed it up and we got it to a point where it looked nice on me. The maxi, well that was easy, I already have a dress muslin, so that took no time to put together I was really looking forward to my outfit. As I started to sew up my maxi muslin, tragedy struck and it just kept on striking.
The original material for 1622. 
Now this is where JoAnn Fabrics comes in to play. I purchased the fabric from there and from first, second, even third glance it seems like your normal knit and chiffon. BUT HONESTLY, This was the knit from hell. It began to unravel, YES unravel and the more I sewed the arm wholes and the neck it kept unraveling. We added interfacing, all types of products BUT it wouldn't do right, then as my mom was trying to serge it, her serger caught on and snagged a hole in it. I was feeling ALL types of ways.

WHY LAWD, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided right then and there I needed a easy, throw together project to get my head back in the GAME! I needed some results. 

This fabric was orignally purchased with this dress in mind. I wanted to make a short flowing dress with sleeves but I used it to recreate a maxi. I'm allowed to do that too so no side eyes! In about 4 hours I had a full length maxi dress, and man, I was too proud. I got so many compliments on the dress and I felt beautiful in it.

Betty wearing that thang!

So, now I got my mojo back and soon enough the orange maxi will be fixed and all is right again in my world. Lawd haff mercy sewing can raise your blood sometimes!!