Monday, June 30, 2014

My Trip to Panama City

Hello All,

So last weekend I  spent Friday through Sunday in beautiful Panama City. I had a great time. I went with some ladies from a meetup group. Let's Do Brunch on the Southside. It was all inclusive fro $275, we had liquor, food, friends, laughs, water, and a little drama.
The scenery was wonderful.
We decided to carpool down to Panama City. I knew I didn't want to drive or take my car. So I signed up to be a rider. It was four of us in a car and we were on our way. 

I've never been to Panama City, but I assumed all roads to Florida were on Interstate 75. Apparently, not, to get to Panama City we had to take Interstate 85 and then all these damn back roads in Alabama. I quickly fell asleep, I'm not about that life.

Brunchies at the beach!!
We arrived about two on Friday and the organizer of the trip said we couldn't check in until 4pm. Well let's just say the organizer of the group wasn't standing for that. Good thing too, we checked in shortly after arriving and got first dibs on the rooms and beds. I am happy about that, I did not want to share a bed with someone at all. NO! NO! NO!
Morning mimosa and breakfast!

Like I said everything was inclusive, except Saturday night dinner. So some of the ladies got up and made breakfast and it was delish! Eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, and toast. It was awesome! I am not a morning person so I didn't cook. I did clean though. I'm also the baby of the bunch so I'm spoiled. 

Linda up top talking, Erica and Tajuana chilling. Look at our bar!

Friday night we fried fish and ate on the balcony. Some ladies went to the beach, but not me. I did what I do best. Relax. I drank, ate, and went to sleep. I'm so fun!!
Turn down 4 what!

Saturday morning after breakfast, all the ladies went down to the beach. Except for me. I went back to sleep. After being awoken at 7am, it was nice to have the condo to myself for some rest and relaxation. I was happy. I eventually joined the ladies at the beach though. That was fun too. I love the water, I love going to the beach and seeing the waves and feeling at peace. One thing I can't stand though is the sand. It gets everywhere. Once you take your bathing suit off, sand comes falling out of everywhere. 


Saturday night we went on a dolphin cruise. It was on a small boat. I got sick, I had a feeling I would. Luckily, I didn't throw up! Sadly, I missed the whole cruise, my eyes were closed almost the entire time. After the cruise we had dinner a Spinnakers. It was a really cool place. Lively, almost like a club. But also had a restaurant. I enjoyed myself there, except for the drama at our table. It was still a wonderful time. 
Sunday morning we got up and ate our leftovers and my carpool headed out. It was a nice journey on down the road. I was ready to get home though. 12 women all together for a weekend. WOW!