Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fabric Town is the absolute Worst!!!

Hello All,

Sorry I've been M.I.A. My birthday was last week, school is back in, internet problems. BLAH BLAH. Most important thing is, I'm back!!!

So for anyone living in the Atlanta area. There isn't really a lot of places to shop for fabric. I mean we have our Hancock's and JoAnn's but those are lame. One store we do have is Fabric Town. Its located in Stock bridge, GA very decent size fabric warehouse. 

Fabric Town, beware!!

My mom and I have been here before together and picked up some pretty pieces. The employees seemed helpful and kind. So Monday my mom decided to go back there. She went alone this time because I was working. Now, everywhere my mom goes she uses this ASG discount off the total because she is a member of the American Sewing Guild. The Sewing Guild has in their newsletter which stores accept the discount and Fabric Town is on that list. 

My mom had her pieces cut and went to the register, when she pulled out her ASG coupon she was told she couldn't use it. HUH?!?!? So she told them she no longer wanted the purchase. Which, who can blame her?!?!?! Most people pick and choose stores based on if they can use a discount so......what happened next was nothing short of crazy.

The woman at the register told my mom that she HAD to purchase the fabric. She told her she couldn't leave the store until she did. On and on and on this woman tells my mom that she has to pay for the fabric or the police will arrest her. Now, mind you my mom isn't trying to steal the fabric she just doesn't want it anymore. So then a man emerges and follows my mom out of the store. My mom goes to open her car door and the man slams her door back closed. He yells and screams causing a major scene outside. Until bystanders approach and ask what is going on. He then tells her she can have the 10% discount. 

One thing about me NO ONE MESSES WITH MY MOM. I'm sure we all feel that way. I feel like my mom is the nicest, kindest, caring woman on this Earth. She would never steal or even act a fool. When she called me and told me the story and commented on how frightened she was, I was LIVID!

This is how I felt.

I shortly called the Henry County Police. There was really nothing they could do. Then I called my little BIG brother and we were about to head down there. In the end we will never shop there again. Its not worth going to jail, hurting someone, or any of the crazy things I was thinking. I just let the owner of the shop know, people can change their mind on purchases. Your not required to buy anything at any store. Good riddance!!!