Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow day, sew day

So...two weeks ago the South was hit with a "Snow Storm" and MAN this was something major. We got TWO whole inches and the city was basically crippled. I have never experienced or seen ANYTHING like it. The day it started snowing it took my over 3 hours to get home. It normally takes 45 minutes. I soon decided to stop complaining because son people were stuck in their cars for over 24 hours, it's were stranded at school. It was insane. What made it worse is the fact that the Governor and Mayor got on tv blaming everyone but themselves. Georgia DO BETTER. Governor Nathan Deal and Mayor Kaisim Reed,  DO BETTER. He was standing on tv like,  Ummmmm......I didn't know.
Lol, he was though

I enjoyed my day off, but I couldn't help but worry about the people who weren't safe in their homes. Next time I just won't go to work next time.

Since we were off my mom, brother, and I decided to get some sewing done. And sew we did!
My brother Wilson is currently working on a pair of white jeans. They are coming along nicely. Here are some pics.
He's so talented.

My mom is currently working on a assortment of projects. But she recently finished this adorable gray vest. Once she pairs it up I will post some pics.

So now, my project. I am currently working on a knit dress. McCall's 6612, I am loving the fabric and in the fitting stages. The white material is my muslin and then I'll stitch up the real thing. Its going to be beautiful, just wait and see.  
Love it!

Stay safe and stay warm!