Monday, February 17, 2014

You Will Never Guess Who I Met?!?!?!

So my world is changing....... I feel like 2014 is going to be great. I'm ready.
On February 2nd, I met one of my sewing idols. (The first being my mom and grandma). Anyways, I met Mimi G!!!!! Say what,  say who. I met Mimi G of mimigstyle. She's the best. She came to Atlanta for a Meet and Greet. At A Piece of Cake at the new Collier Road location. 


Their sweets are delish!
They had all these sweets laid out for us. And they were amazing. All these cupcakes, and cakes, and cookies. A Piece of Cake did it up. But we were all there for one thing and it wasn't the cake. We were there for Mimi G, we were there because she has inspired us to "Make it, buy it, mix it, and ROCK IT! 

Mimi, she slayed in that dress!
Mimi and Adrianne

Overall, it was a wonderful Meet and Greet, they took pictures with everyone. There was a Q&A, everyone got a chance to hug her. I think the best part was the other nice sewers a met. Its a lot of us here in GA! I have friended some nice women and made some great connections. 
She was such a great spirit
Mom and Mimi G
We always have a ball!!!