Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a peak at my fall projects

My favorite season is right around the corner.  I love love love fall. There are so many pretty colors,  the temperature is cool, and the outfit ideas are endless.  Boots, sweaters, leggings,  vests, coats........ so much to choose from.  So yesterday my mom and I traveled to Norcross to a magical place called Fine Fabrics.  Now when we first pulled up, I was like what is this place,  NEVER JUDGE A "BOOK" BY IT'S COVER. Ever. Hands down this was the best fabric store I've ever been in.  Wall to wall fabrics,  more knits and lace than the law should allow.  Plus the prices were awesome,  very very affordable.  Take a look at the pics.
Yes, real fur

Who would not want green leopard

wall to wall

My mom was too happy.

I was happy too. So many store. I decided on two knits, one for a dress and the other for a pair of leggings. I have been wanting a pair of funky leggings for a minute so I will start those first. Here is the pattern and fabric i decided on. 

Pretty and so me

I cannot wait to finish those. For the other material I want to make a basic knit dress. Just something nice to wear to work. Here it is.
I am making view d, just shorter

Well, that should keep me pretty busy. See you soon.