Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You should eat at Cheddars, you should also try a month free with Gwynnie Bee

So this is late but at the beginning of the month I went to Cheddars in Georgia. It was really good,  and I had a drink called "Pain Killer" the restaurant only limits you to 2 so that sums up how strong it was. My only issue and it truly is my issue is that my food had to much breading, but that is what I get for ordering all that fried food. It was so much breading I didn't even finish it. Nonetheless, go there, drink and be merry. Now for another dining out experience.....Taco Mac near Perimeter mall, ugh! That is the only thing I can really say.  
Too much fried food, my fault
The "pain killer"

If you haven't already all you women NEED to get a FREE month of Gwynnie Bee service. Don't wait, get one now. My previous blog post contain some pics of their clothes. I had more but my phone is on its last leg. So I will do another post with more pics. Until next time......... See you guys soon.