Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cruise Blog Part 5: Fun for all and All for Fashion

The last of the cruise blog, for now. I had a great time,  the ship was fun,  the food was yummy, the liquor was great and and I know everyone had a great time. I enjoyed spending so much time with my family plus after our year I think it was good to just let our hair down and have a good time.  So for this last cruise post I'm going to post all the other pics from the trip. Hopefully,  you enjoy, see you in a few days. 
My mom and I in the dresses we made. We both look great!
Who needs to buy a picture? 
My dad
The Motown show, AMAZING!
Food from the Taste Bar, yummy!
A bride, there was two on board and they looked great!
Hasbro Game night show! I had a ball, kid at heart!
Top deck late at night!
My mom and dad, my aunt and her friend. My aunt looks annoyed, lol
Lobster and prime rib night, we killed it!
Aunts and Uncle enjoying the show!
This was so good, from the taste bar. I had like 3 plates!
Food from Tea time, I had like 3 pieces
Mommy, enjoying her tea
I had breakfast in the dining room with my brother EVERY morning, it was so fun and I enjoyed his company. 
My mom, brother, and Aunt.
My beautiful mother
Uncle, Joe, and my dad, chillin
Native money
Until next time!