Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cruise Blog Part 3: This Island gives me life

So while I was gone I visited two different islands in the Bahamas. Nassau and Freeport. We went to Nassau on Saturday and stayed until 5pm. I loved loved loved Nassau. My aunt and I spent the day together. She's the bomb and hella funny so I knew whatever we ended up doing would be great. We knew we wanted to go to the beach but I had no idea how we would get there. So we decided to walk around and sight see at first and in the process look for souvenirs. We had a good time, we stopped at a couple shops and even a Rum Cake Factory. We tasted Banana Rum Cake and let me tell you, it was divine. It was so good, I wanted to flip the table over for no reason. We stopped at a little shop and tried conch fritters, they were tasty. 

Then the crazy stuff started happening. We hopped in a taxi so we could go to the beach and it was $4 a person. As the driver is driving us around, he proceeds to drive on both sides of the road, at very high speeds. My Aunt is looking like WTH? She gets motion sick so this is a no go. He tells us that in the Bahamas driving rules don't apply and its ok to do this. I'm like da hell!!!! But we made it in one piece. We had a good time at the beach, it was pretty. After the beach we headed back to the boat, but not before another crazy ride with a crazy native. Nassau was great and i cannot wait to get back.