Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My first networking mixer

So, recently I attended my first networking mixer. I was really, excited about it because I just got these new business cards and I was ready to pass them out. This particular mixer event I attended was called "Divas Night Out", and it was so very sad. It was not what I thought it would be AT ALL. First it was in this small cramped room. There was only about 10 people there. We were told there would be free parking but it was NOT free! Then there was only 2 vendors?!?!?! The refreshments were terrible. I was not impressed. I felt like I wasted a beautiful dress and a Friday evening. Here is the dress though.  

This is another great dress from Gwynnie Bee. If your not aware of how much i love Gwynnie Bee, read my earlier enteries. 
So i have started working on my leggings and i have layed and cut out the muslin. Its coming together. Keep checking for updates. I should be done with them soon.